Enterprise innovation & business partnerships are evolving

Technology driven partnerships are what is driving growth in today’s economy, however legacy systems were not built to support these tech-driven partnerships. Blockchain and smart contracts are becoming a cornerstone of these alliances, while technologies such as augmented reality are driving consumer engagement and opening new marketing channels. Internal transformations and adoption of emerging technologies are critical for enterprises who want to be the vanguard of tomorrow.

Trio in the enterprise

In a landscape where it is difficult to recruit talent, where design practices, methodologies, and technologies are rapidly evolving, and as-is solutions compound internal workflows - new strategies are critical.

Trio is positioned to add value during single project engagements or when fully deployed to augment your IT team throughout the enterprise. Business units can spin up and maintain projects directly through us while we simultaneously reduce your existing backlog.

Build the Future!

Historic inefficiencies in software development and innovation are now real business solutions. Enable your organization to build a better, more profitable tomorrow.

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Ideate and Innovate

Work with leaders in emerging technology, award winning UX designers, and niche experts to stay a vanguard in your industry.

One Project or Many

Whether you need to build one project or build 30 across varying business units, Trio is designed to ensure you deliver on all your top-level initiatives.

Work Agilely

Trio enables you tu build quickly and cost efficiently; from design prototypes to version iteration. Transform your organization into a nimble, productive organism.

Company Dashboard

Streamline communication and purchasing process for your lines-of-business managers to work effortlessly with Trio. Easily access API documentation, work history, financials, and more.

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